Being located on the national corridor of railways the city of Kanpur is well connected with the rest of India by rail services, eg. Shadabti express from Delhi to Kanpur.

It also lies on the Kolkata-New Delhi rail link and hence is connected with Rajdhani expresses (many of them, Howrah rajdhani, Guwahati rajdhani, Bhubaneswar rajdhani).

Main Railway Stations in the City

  • Kanpur Anwarganj Its the oldest railway station of Kanpur. It is connected to Lucknow, Allahabad, Mathura and Gorakhpur as well. Many Express and Passenger trains stop here.




  • Kanpur Central Station,the main railway station of the city lies in the cantt area.It is connected with Jhansi, Lucknow, New Delhi, Agra, Howrah etc. Trains like Shatabdi and Rajdhani have stop here for 5 to 10 min800px-Kanpurstation


  • Govind Puri :-It is the junction Railway station where the line is divided into two parts for Jhansi and New Delhi. Ticket Room and overbridge are also situated here.


  • Panki, This station has only passenger trains but is also very useful.Panki has a railway station on the KanpurDelhi line. Panki Railway station is set to be projected as terminal station for minimize the passenger load of Kanpur Central.Panki is also starting point of Kanpur over-bridge which is one of the largest over-bridges in India.


  • Rawatpur, one of the main stations in the city to catch trains to & from Farrukhabad & Kasganj.


    BY AIR

    Even though Kanpur has an airport, there are only six flights per week to Delhi and three per week to Kolkata operated by Air India. If flying from any other city, you can take an Air India (formerlyIndian Airlines) flight to Delhi (get your luggage checked through to avoid confusion – Air India offers the service), and then take an Air India flight from Delhi to Kanpur.


    Many travelers to/from Kanpur also use the airport at the neighboring city of Lucknow. Lucknow Airport is well-connected to many cities in India and the Middle East. It is about 70 Kilometers from Kanpur. From Lucknow airport one can take a taxi, bus (AC or non-AC) or train to come to Kanpur. Please note that Buses are available from ‘Alambag Bus Stop, Lucknow’ which is 6 km away from the Airport and Trains are available from ‘Charbagh, Lucknow’ which is 10 KMs away from the Airport. However taxis can be taken from airport itself.

    The flights to Kanpur and Lucknow are generally reliable and timely, but may get delayed or diverted during winter (Dec-Jan) when the region often experiences dense fog. Trains too get affected. Plan your travel accordingly and allow for possible delays.


    Kanpur is well connected with Road, NH 2 and NH 25 passes nearby. The NHs which passes to Kanpur are NH 2,NH 25,NH 86 and NH 91. Kanpur has two major bus station. The very important bus station of Kanpur is Jhkarkati bus Station. Many Volvo buses especially Royal Cruiser which go to Delhi, Jaipur and Agra.

    NH 25

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